The Gardener by S. A.Bodeen

Alejandro Hernandez

Before i even read the gardener i tout is was a book about aliens not about green house gases but it is a book about the food crisis and all this other stuff now lets get into evolution

evolution is or at lets science people think it is, it is where monkeys turn into humans over time i personally think we diffident because if me did come from monkeys because there are still monkeys and there not changing at all now let talk about heterotroph.

Herterotroph is an orgasm during its nutritional requirements from complex organic substance now let talk about photosynthesis.

photosynthesis  is when a seed slowly gross and its a plant and in order for it to grow it has to go throw a proses called photosynthesis that's is the proses called photosynthesis now we can move on to autotrophes .

Autotrophes is when an organism that is able to form nutritional organic substances from simple inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide.It is in portent because in the gardener its is mostly about green house gases now that im done now i am going to show you some pics of herterotroph and evolution so can see what it looks like.

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