Digital Storytelling/   Video Creation Tools


Powtoons allows students to create animated videos quickly and easily.  Users are able to customize slides with animated characters, text, pictures, sound, and video.  They are able to easily save and share it with others.

Teachers  could create a Powtoon video and show it to students to introduce them to a new unit.  In a reading classroom, students could illustrate their favorite scene from a book using Powtoon.  Students could really use Powtoon in any classroom as an alternative to other video creation tools.  There is a slight learning-curve involved with getting started on Powtoon.  Teachers might consider allowing students to work with a partner the first time they use Powtoon to get more comfortable with the technology.  Many students will be highly motivated to learn to use it because it is such an engaging program.


Zooburst is a digital storytelling tool that allows users to create an online, 3-D storybook with pop-up characters.  Students can type in a story they've written and then easily animate the story using the characters in Zooburst.  When you're done creating a book, you can save it, add a description, and embed the book in another website.  Zooburst also allows for comments, so the teacher could easily provide feedback to students or students could provide feedback for one another.

Zooburst would be an excellent tool for any classroom where students are writing original stories and then want to illustrate and animate them.  Students could use Zooburst during a biography project to write their own biography and illustrate it.  Zooburst allows for lots of customizing which makes it perfect for students of all abilities.  Students who need more of a challenge could customize their books further, whereas students who might struggle could stick with the very basic features.  Zooburst could be used with students of all ages.


Meograph is a storytelling tool that allows users to add photos, videos, narration, and text to an online presentation.  It also includes a timeline feature as a way to organize your presentation.  Users put together a series of moments and Meograph will play your video like a documentary

Meograph would be an excellent tool for a historical research project in a Social Studies classroom.  Students could add moments from history to Meograph and would have a professional-looking, documentary-style video.  Students could also use Meograph during a biography unit to create a timeline, documentary about the person they are studying.  Meograph can be somewhat overwhelming when you're first getting started.  It's not necessarily intuitive to use.  For students who need more challenge, this would be a great tool  Struggling students may have a difficult time with it and may benefit from having a partner to work with.  This tool is probably best used for upper middle school or high school students.


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