Water Bowl

Sabrina Von Squishy

Sabrina Von Squishy's Stats

  • Breed: Domestic Shorthair
  • Location: Aurora, OH
  • Age:13
  • Favorite Treat: Eating whatever she can off my plate before I notice
  • Favorite Toy: My dad
  • Favorite Game: See how many times in one day she can make my dad get up to see what she wants, then she steals his chair

Sabrina Von Squishy came to me on Dec. 21st, 1999 as a Christmas present from my best friend.  She came pre-named with Sabrina, but I added Von Squishy.  She can high five, sit and sometimes meow on command.  She likes to snuggle and knock things off of tables.  Her most favorite hobby ever in the world is making my dad bow to her every command.

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