Book- A Historical Guide to Ernest Hemingway

By: Sara R.


  • Hemingway was born in Illinois, Oak Park,
  • Hemingway grew up in a respected family. In a family whose sense of responsibility was strong and whose interests were divided among medicine, the Congregational church and the real state
  • He rebelled against the pressures of the Government. Laws established in his country
  • Ernest’s father, Clarence Edmonds Hemingway was a physician. He was embarrassed by his mother’s free spirit and frightened by his father’s retreat into depressions
  • He had for sisters and one brother.
  • Hemingway obscured his mother’s talents and personality by professing to hate her and to hold her responsible for his father’s 1928 suicide. Ironically, it was from his mother than enthusiasm came.
  • During summers he played activities with his father such as: fishing, baseball, hiking, camping out, etc. –
  • Hemingway was very disciplined in many areas.
  • While his staying in Europe, he wrote more than eighty-eight stories for the Toronto Star newspaper.
  • He wrote about: anarchists, anti-semitism, fascism, power politics, disarmament, German inflation, Paris nightlife, Spanish bullfights, and German trout fishing.