The Glass Castle



Throughout the book, the family is constantly forgiving one another. Jeannette and her brother and sisters are always forgiving their irresponsible parents. By forgiving their parents, they allow themselves to love them. Jeannette always forgives her mother and father for their mistakes. She finds a way to welcome them back into her heart.


Alcoholism affected the entire family, not just the person afflicted. Jeannette's father was an alcoholic. Due to his addiction, Jeannette's father spent the majority of her childhood making decisions that were detrimental towards the family.



At the beginning of the book, Jeannette is cooking hot dogs on an open-range stove at the age of three. Jeannette ends up catching on fire.

Rising Action

While in the car with her family, Jeannette is violently thrown out of the car. Her parents drive off like nothing happened. Her family finally comes back for her, claiming they didn't know she was missing.

Then, Jeannette learns how to swim with her father and he almost lets her drown. Rex, Jeannette's father, claimed that if he hadn't almost let her drown, she wouldn't have learned to swim.

For Jeannette's father's own good he tries to prostitute her at the bar. This puts Jeannette in the position to think that her dad doesn't care about her or her family.


When Jeannette back talks to her mother, her father starts beating her with his belt. After her father was finishing whipping her, Jeannette ran off into the woods.

Falling Action

Jeannette decides to move to New York. This shows that she isn't afraid of her father and is willing to take risks.


Jeannette realizes that even though her parents aren’t normal and put her through difficult times growing up, she still shouldn’t be embarrassed by who they are because, it is who they want to be.


Jeannette Walls

Jeannette grows up with two irresponsible parents. Jeannette and her siblings grow up protecting and defending one another. She goes through many tough and difficult experiences.

Rex Walls

Rex Walls is Jeannette's father. Rex was an alcoholic while Jeannette was growing up. His addiction put the family in many difficult situations.

Rose Mary Walls

Rose Mary was Jeannette's mother. She is constantly being blamed for Jeannette's father's decisions. She was always getting in fights with Jeannette's father, Rex.


"If you don't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim."

Rex, Jeannette's father tells her this while she is learning to swim. This was a way he saw life. To learn on your own or die.

"One thing about whoring:it put a chicken on the table."

Jeannette had to make hard decisions so she could survive.

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