Creating Home

Alyssa Swanson 4/15/14

This is a place where I come to be me.

This is a building, built by one extremely determined woman, a determined woman who changed many lives with the help of her daughter, including my own.

These are a few stories, told without speaking, without words, but with movement and emotion.

This is a place where I have learned incredibly useful skills, such as learning how to put my hair in a ballet bun at the age of four, or how to master the complicated art of applying performance eyeliner at the ripe old age of seven.

This is where I realized that when class is scheduled to end at nine, it really ends at nine fifteen, and no matter how much anxiety you may have, nothing compares to the utter horror you experience when the audition instructor is right next to you and you don't know the combination.

This is where I am currently taking on the seemingly impossible task of teaching impressively sassy third graders hip hop.... and succeeding.

Lastly, this is where I found my passion, as a three year old, looking for something to do.

This is a place where I come to be me.

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