S9 Faculty Update

Important dates

  • January 19 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • January 20 - Faculty Meeting
  • February 13 – Teacher Professional Development (1/2 day for students)
  • February 16 – President’s Day

High School Information

Faculty Meeting Info

Our visitors for Instructional Rounds yesterday were very complimentary of our school and your efforts to educate our students. I appreciate you for your everyday diligence to keep the main thing the main thing not just when visitors are around. I must admit that hearing positive comments from visitors is added support for my confidence in you as educators. Thank you for what you do!

We will have a Faculty Meeting on Tuesday, January 20 during the last 45 minutes of each block. Teachers will need to be in attendance during their planning block. During this meeting, I will discuss the results of our Instructional Rounds and explain the suggested focus based on the “Guiding Questions” generated from the rounds.

1st Block – 9:10

2nd Block – 10:50

3rd Block – 1:00

4th Block – 2:30

Miscellaneous Info

Lunch Detentions – Each teacher should review the list of students for Lunch Detention sent by Mr. Maxtion each day. Teachers who have students listed during 3rd Block should walk with the student to the AAP room during the designated lunch period. It is important that students arrive to Lunch Detention when assigned and not incur additional days for skipping their day. Your help in this is needed and appreciated.

Lesson Plans

Teachers that sent regular lesson plan files to me or Mr. Gipson by email or Dropbox during the first semester do not need to send those files during the second semester unless new curriculum/different lessons are taught. The requirement for saving lesson plans from the ALSDE is for us to have a record of what you taught during the year. If you are repeating what you taught during Semester 1, those files will be sufficient record of your plans. Any files you send this semester will be considered new curriculum or new lessons and will be saved for the record.


I had a chance this week to visit some classrooms just to listen and learn.  I've said and written before how impressed I am with the level of knowledge you all have.  I have to add that I am thankful every day for great educators like you.  I plan to continue to informal visits to classrooms next week.  The formal observations for Educate Alabama will begin soon after that.  Mr. Gipson and I hope to finish these final round observations by the end of February or beginning of March.  Remember to add evidence to your PLP. There's no need to post the same activity multiple times.  Just make sure you enter evidence that supports your PLP.

Student Clubs

We have some very active student clubs!  Students who participate in these clubs should be commended for their willingness to use extra time for good instead of finding trouble.  Notice some of the pictures displayed around the building and make some positive comments to them.  Your care and encouragement will keep their fires burning to do more.  

Have a great week!