Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book I am reading is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The characters in this book are Charlie Bucket who is so friendly towards others, and his parents Mr and Mrs. Bucket who is VERY VERY poor.  There is also Grandpa Joe who always wakes up when he hears Charlie's voice, Grandma Josephina who has not gotten out of bed for 20 years and is always excited to see Charlie, Grandpa George who also hasn't got out of bed for 20 years and is also always excited to see Charlie, and Grandma Georgina who is always knitting stuff for the family. The other 4 children who won a golden ticket are Augustus Gloop who is VERY fat, Veruca Salt who is a SUPER greedy nasty spoiled girl, Violet Beauregarde who is always chewing gum and never stops, and Mike Teavee who is always watching TV and is also spoiled. The problem that Charlie has is that he is VERY poor and can only afford to buy one chocolate bar a year. And last but not least Mr.Willy Wonka  who is nice, and akward. He is akward when he randomly starts singing. In conclusion Charlie is the only one who is friendly in the whole book besides his family and Mr. Willy Wonka.

   Charlie the main character is kind,friendly, patient, and cares about others. One example of how Charlie is friendly, kind and cares about others is how he treats his grandparents. An example of how patient Charlie is how he lives being so poor not even having 10 cents. What i think about August Gloop is that he is greedy, selfish and is NOT good at following directions. Willy Wonka warned him to not touch or play in the chocolate river but yet he still did. My opinion of Veruca Salt is the greediest, most selfish, spoiled brat I have ever seen! Her father gives her what ever she wants and had his factory workers searching through wrappers until they found a golden ticket. I think Violet Beauregarde is a nasty, annoying, selfish, spoiled brat. She is very spoiled because when she won the world record for chewing gum she rubbed it in her opponents face. Mike Teavee in my opinion is rude, spoiled, and a person who does not care about others. One thing he did to make him rude is that when the camera man was asking him questions he yelled "shut up!" I think that Willy Wonka is  strange and a little awkward, and he is generous. He is strange and awkward because who else would live alone in a huge factory? He is generous for rescuing all the Oompa Loompas and giving them a better life.  Overall, Charlie is the only not spoiled little brat out of the five kids  who has found a golden ticket.