Characteristics of the Free Enterprise

By: Joshua Kessler

1) Economic Freedom

This picture shows that the people and the government are the ones in control and have the freedom to do what they wish, and they control if it goes up and down.

2) Voluntary Exchange

This picture shows two men agreeing and exchanging goods. No one is forcing them to do this exchange it is their own decision.

3) Private Property

This picture shows that money is ours and we can do what we want with our property.

4) Profit Motive

This shows that there is no other thing that businesses care about than making sure they get a profit.

5) Competition

This shows that two businesses are competing against each other at all times. Competition drives everything in a free enterprise economy.

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3 years ago

Your presentation was very informative! The video did an excellent job at explaining the roles of entrepreneurs in the economy. Your presentation flowed very well.