Puerto Rico's Statehood

Sarah Adams, Tiffany Bartram, Jordan Gill, Emily Rhodes, Brelan Shepherd
Period 5

After looking at all of the evidence, our group has come to the conclusion that Puerto Rico should not be accepted into the Union.

Evidence is stated below:

1. What is the background on the question of statehood for Puerto Rico?

  - In 1998, the majority of Puerto Rico's population opposed becoming a state in America.

  - "In an unequivocal rejection of the island's current political statue, 54 percent of Puerto Ricans voted (934,238) to end the island's territorial status while 46 percent voted to keep it." - PR Statehood

2. How is the Puerto Rican experience similar and/or different from that of other territories that have become states?


       - They do not hold any seats in the House or Senate.

       - The do not have to pay federal taxes.

       - They have military protection from the United States.

       - They are independently governed.


        - They have taken a lot longer to attempt to gain statehood in America.

        - The citizens have not wanted statehood until recently.

        - A majority of American citizens do not wish for Puerto Rico to gain statehood.

        - It was easier for many other territories to become states. ( Ex. Hawaii, Alaska)

        - Alaska had a limited government, while Puerto Rico has an independent   government.

3. What are some reasons in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico?

       - They would get full United States citizen rights.

       - The United States would get more federal tax revenue.

       - More people would be able to join the Armed Forces.

4. What are some reasons against statehood for Puerto Rico?

       - The United States flag would gain one star, making it unsymmetrical, resulting in an un-even number of states.

       - Puerto Rico would lose their culture since Americans would invade Puerto Ricans culture.

       - Many United States and Puerto Rican citizens do not want statehood.

       - If  Puerto Rico would become a state, the United States would have to take federal tax that could weaken their fragile economy.

       - Puerto Rican statehood could change the political landscape of the United States.

5. What kinds of individuals or groups are on your side? Do they have "hidden agendas" that might explain their positions?

       -Democrats support our group's opinion on not allowing Puerto Rico to become a state.

       - They do have, "hidden agendas" because they are afraid that they will not get their votes for elections.

After surveying 125 people, we determined the following results:

Adult Females who chose yes: 7

Adult Females who chose no: 12

Adult Males who chose yes: 8

Adult Males who chose no: 14

Student Females who chose yes: 17

Student Females who chose no: 41

Student Males who chose yes: 11

Student Males who chose no: 15





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