Pretty Little Liars

By: Sara Shepard

-This story is about a clique of five girls who think they are living the life. They have anything they could ever want and friends that are just as good.

-Four of the girls Aria, Emily, Spencer, & Hanna all favor and love the fifth person of the clique, Alison. She is the "queen" and they all want to be like her and be liked by her.

-The girls tell Alison everything and believe their secrets are safe with her.

-The summer after their seventh grade year, the favorite goes missing. The girls are of course heartbroken and don't know what to do or say.

-After that summer the girls separate and don't talk for a few years.

-All of the girls begin receiving mysterious notes from an unknown person(s). They reveal secrets in them that only Ali knew, or so they thought. Either Ali was alive and mimicking them or someone was stalking them. The notes and letters are signed "-A."

-The girls become friends again and rekindle their memories and start to exchange their worries about the notes.

-This story is the first in the series so they basically just try to find out who "A" is and the answer is not found until later in the series. The book is a cliff hanger.

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