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Berit Nuetzmann September 30th, 2014

We are a high end print shop and are specializing in two fall seasonal prints right now. Before, prints were $15 and $20 but here at Lady Bug Prints, we want you to fill your home with the best artwork around for the best price. Our moto is, "We print it, you like it, you buy it, we're all happy." We do out best to push customer satisfaction to the highest bar it can be.

Print #1 (misty evening stroll)
Print #2 (watery escapade)
Graph of prints

*  10=>x+y (this represents the number of prints I can make per week. I can't do more than ten prints. So that includes both prints.)

*  200=>5x+6y (this represents my budget of $200 and the costs to make each print with the first being $5 and the second costing $6)

*  my common sense variables were x=>0 and y=>0. Obviously I can't have negative number of prints. So these are just redundant.

(all my other equations were to make the solid lines, even though i really didn't need to do that)

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3 years ago

It takes $5 to make print #1, and $6 to make print #2. I think we can sell #1 for $10 and then #2 for $12 on sale price. I can make 10 prints in one day but i must have a day in between to clean the machines and let them cool down and regenerate. so in one week (if i start on monday and don't work saturdays and sundays) i can make 30 prints. I've budgeted $200 for each month for production costs. i want to know how to plan what to print by maximizing my profits.

# of prints for the first print = x
# of prints for the second print = y

Profits = 10x+12y

o 10x0+12x10=$120 (making no #1, making 10 #2)
o 10x10+12x0=$100 (making 10 #1, making no #2)
o 10x0+12x0=$0 (making no prints at all)

Maximized profits: making zero of #1 and ten of the second prints and this would give me $120 if i were to sell every print in one day. Going along with that, I'd earn $360 per week. In a four week month, I'd earn $1440. If I subtract the $200 of spending costs I'd make a profit of $1240. The second best way would be to make five of each print, this would give me $110 a day.