Who,What,When,Where & Why?
By: Kayleen Eckard

Who helped ISIS become so strong? The United States!

What does ISIS mean?

-ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

What is their motive and purpose?

-ISIS is a Terrorist group in Iraq and Syria who wants more territory in both Iraq and Syria.

-Their goal is to create their own nation.

Who is fighting for ISIS?

-Sunni Arabs

What are ISIS?

-ISIS Is a Militant Jihadist group

Where do they have control/Want to have?

-Parts of Iraq and Syria / Most of Syria and parts of Iraq

Why are we hearing about them now?

-Their winning

  • Fast Facts:
  • Leader: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  • ISIS is known for killing multiple groups of people at one time, public executions and other harmful acts.
  • ISIS's original strategy was through extortion and robbery. Which is now through large attacks and capturing.

Does America Go to War?

We Can or We Can't?

We can't:

Some people feel we can't go to war for these reasons:

  • For every airstrike we carry out, another anti-American mind will be created.
  • Violence has not and never will create peace.
  • But with history repeating itself especially in the Middle East, Kill a child’s father or mother or sister and you have just about guaranteed another generation of someone who is dedicated to carrying on the fight, who will dedicate their life to hating you and retaliating in some way.

We can:

Some people feel we can go to war for these reasons:

  • We don't want to wait until ISIS has gotten to powerful or has already attacked the United States.
  • "We must do what we have to do to protect our people" Barack Obama.
  • Flying over Syria and Iraq isn't enough to get the job done.