The Children of the Holocaust

By: Makyla Grant

There were millions of kids sent to concentration camps and there were only hundreds that came back. Some found ways to hide and ended up living, some hide but got caught, and some were straight away to the camps and died. It wasn't fair that all those kids had to die just because the Nazis were scared. The Nazi were scared that their minds would spark and cause trouble for the Nazi new world. Nazi wanted their world to be pure. They wanted it to just be Germans.

This is Anne Frank she is a Jew. She didn't have anything to worry about until the Nazis came to take them to the concentration camps. She was 15 when she died in the concentration camp.

10 facts

- New Born's and Toddlers would be immediately killed once born or in institutes since some of them were used for experiments.

- They died from lack of clothing and feeding

- In search of Aryan Hitler send some kids to Poland to German families to be raised well and fight for the Germans

- If they didn't kill the children immediately they used them for test  and experiments. They loved doing experiments especially on twins.

- Many kids found ways to survive, they would smuggle food, medicine, & small prized possession and things that could be worth money later into the ghettos.

- over 6 million people Jew were killed in the concentration camps but over 1 million of them were children.

- Many children found ways to escape with or without their parents to Jewish partisans.

-  Thousand of children survived by going into hiding and wearing disguises.

- To reduce "useless eaters" they would send  the old, children, and pregnant women into the gas chambers.

-When the Russians came to liberate the camps out of the 9,000 people they only found 451 children.   


More Children that were in the camps

Lia Borak-  in 1928 she was sent to a camp in Lvov, Poland

Natten Abe- in 1924  he was sent to a camp in Lodz Poland

Samuel Hiller- in 1941 he was sent to a camp in Cracow Poland

Helga Weiss- in 1944 she was sent to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp

Its very important that people remember what happened during this time. Many children died& many children survived. The ones that survived were keen and smart and the ones that died fought hard to live. They had to fight to let the people know what happened and let there legacy live on. That's one of the reasons why Anne Frank wrote her diary to let the people remember and not forget what happened to all those people and children in the Nazi death camp.


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