Evil sister steals husband to be

This is true love, you think this happens every day?

People say that the older should be married but I disagree if True Love is the prize..

Calling all broken hearted girls! Have this ever happen to you? You meet a nice guy at the well and then you fall in love! Then of corse your (evil) sister falls in love too and try's to steal your man! So after he worked for your father for seven years! Your father locks you in your room and tricks your love to marry your older (but evil) sister instead of you! Soooo then your father makes your love work another seven years for you! Then he has two wives! AGH! Your (evil) sister gets everything she wants! Now calling all younger siblings we should team up and put a stop to our father tricking our husbands and us! We must take a stand! If you are interested meet me at the well in front of the town on wednesday. See you all there!

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