Wait till you get the bling.

-Abstinence is the only type of contraception that is 100% effective of preventing pregency.

-Abstinence also is the best way to avoid getting STDs. Since it is also the only contraception that 100% effective of stopping STDs.

-You do not have to be a virgin to practice abstinence.

-Men or women can practice abstinence it is not just for women.

-There are many reason people practice abstinence:

  • For religious beliefs or moral values
  • To prevent pregnancy
  • To prevent STDs
  • To focus on schooling or their careers
  • To wait till they are married

-People are abstinent at different points in there life. Some practice it all their life while others practice abstinence just short periods of their life.

Pros and cons of Abstinence


-Its free

-Has no medical side effects

-No hormonal side effects


-Might not be prepared for safe sex when they stop practicing abstinence


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