Museum Exhibits: Early hominids
Homo Erectus :upright man
by:mackenzie zambino

the Homo Erectus's nickname is "Upright man." He was discovered by a dutchman named Eugene Dubois. he was discovered on the jaua coast of asia.

the java coast of asia

Upright man lived 1.8 million years ago he was the third hominid found. the way he looked was important ; he stud up straight,he looked like an ape,he was thinner than most hominids, he was also very hairy,he was very tall he was atleast 5 feet or for he was tall he had long legs and long arms. Did you know that "upright man" and "handy man" were somewhat alike? how you ask because they were both very hard working and they were talented. He made better tools like hammers and axes. Two things that "upright man" ate was zebra, and deer. Four facts about the way "upright man" lived he hunted, he ate food raw because he didnt have many resources.

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