by Aurora & Ljuba

For the project "Read on" we have read a lot of books this year. The one that we preferred was "Climate Change". This book deals with the change in climate and the effects on our planet.

Our atmosphere

The most important gases in our atmosphere are nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (20%). The other 2% of the gases which are responsible for our climate is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our atmosphere is important because it gives use air, and we need air to live.

Our sea

The water cycle

Rain comes from the water in seas and rivers, and also from the water which is inside the land. This water evaporates in the heat of the sun and creates water vapour. This consists in very small drops of water in the air. The water vapour goes up in the atmosphere and gets colder, so that the little drops of water form clouds. When the clouds go up higher, they get colder, and the little drops of water get bigger. When the drops of rain start to fall to the ground, water gets back into rivers, lakes, the sea and the land. This process is called the water cycle.

The sea covers 70% of the Earth. Seawater is salty, and we cannot drink it.

Only 3% of all of the water on the Earth is fresh (without salt) and most of this fresh water is frozen in the ice of the Artic, the Antartic and the world's mountains.

The earth is getting warmer and much of the earth's ice is melting. This new water is going into the sea, and the sea level is getting higher. These changes are happening right now, and they will cause many problems in the future. But also other changes are happening, which will put in danger people all over the world immediately!

A global problem

People always say that Climate Change is a global problem. This is true, but it is also a local problem. We can all do something about it and we can start from our homes. It's hard to change our way of living and working, but change is like traveling on a long journey, when you start in one place and you finish in a different place.

We think that to save our planet we have to recycle, use the bike more so as not to pollute ,try to use less gas in the house and try not to waste too much energy.

We believe that with small actions every day we can save our world.