JCECA Digital Transformation

All Students: Career and College Ready

JCECA will create an Environment that engages students through the use of technology in and out of the traditional confines of the High School classroom.

The 21st Century

Graduates of JCECA will enter a college and workforce environment that demands that as digital natives graduates they not only use technology but seamlessly interact with it to  solve complex problems in a evolving and demanding global environment.

The Tools

Each student will have an iPad for home and school use and access to a Google Chromebook for school use. By providing the digital tools the playing field of who can afford digital devices is flattened.

Problem/Project Based Learning

Students use digital devices for Authentic PBL Engagement and Product Publication. Teachers become facilitators of learning- moving to a more blended environment. Students connect with what they are learning.

Plug in and Get Connected

Student Ownership

By allowing students to learn in their native environment students are engaged and manage their own learning. Hence students take on greater ownership of the school environment.

Students interact in and out of the classroom-learning moves beyond the walls of the school.

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