Little Village
Mia Wallace
Dec 11,2014

                                                                  Where to go

In Little Village there are so many places to go and actcully injoy. For example El Milagro store and Taqueria,El Milgaro store and Taqueria has always made the best tortillas ever since they began. Another place is the Marshall Square Theatre which was opened in 1917 (but it is still open!) it was designed by Alexander Levy who soon teamed with Fredrick Klien to design some of Chicago's greatest movie palaces like the Granada and Marbo Theatres. Little Village has a high school called Lawndale High school thy have some sports there for example for the boys they have baseball, cross country, football, wrestling etc. The girls have softball, soccer, track and field, volleyball and basketball. I would like to go there because it sounds interesting but the sports that they have I would love to play and be part of.


                                                            History of Little Village

Little Village was originally settled by Irish and Eastern European immigrants in the late 1800s, after the Great Chicago Fire sent the population of c Chicago rippling out from the city's center to the outlying countryside. The jobs created by industrial development in the early 20th century which attracted people to the Little Village area. That's adding to the community's strength as its own independent neighborhood. In the mis 1900s Little Village saw a increase in polish immigrants, which were escaping the destruction from the war in Europe. In the 50s a large amount of Mexican moved to the neighborhood of Little Village, many came from the Pilsen neighborhood. They had to move during  the construction of the University of Illinois Chicago Campus, which took a large section of residential land, pushing the animals further west from downtown.

Fact #1-Little Village is called La Villita in spanish.

Fact #2- Little Village is also know as the Capital of the Mexican Midwest.

                                                                  The People

Between 1990 and the present Little Village has been home to a lot of ethnic groups. These groups were Italian,  Polish, Czech, Irish, Lithuaian, Croatian, Slovene but mainly Mexicans. They are all immigrants and they come from different conturies like Lithuaians they come from the country Lithuania or some of the countries that you actually heard of like poland and the polish people live there.