Columbus Zoo!

By: Cheala Hackney

~Summer Vacation~

For summer vacation this year my dad surprised me by taking me on a trip to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.  At that time we were living in Ripley, so it was only about two hours away.  Along with the zoo there was also a water park.  We didn't go to it, but I know it looked really fun.  

My dad and I when we first arrived at the zoo.

The Animals !

One of the many penguins that were living there at the zoo.

This animal was my favorite!  It is a red panda, and I thought it was absolutely adorable.

The tiger.  At first we were afraid we wouldn't get a picture of him, but finally he woke up, and showed himself off to everyone.

Monkeys are the cutest things ever.  This one loved to swing on the ropes.

The kangaroos habitat was really amazing.  So many of them were hoping around, and we were able to be right there with them.      

The flamingos were kind of scary to see, because I always thought they were going to fall and break a leg.

Polar bear!  It was so cool to watch them swim around, and eat.  This had to be my favorite part of the whole trip.

My Experience.

Over all I loved this whole trip.  There were so many animals that it took two days just for us to see all of them.  If you have ever went I'm sure you understand what I mean.  I would tell anyone who loves animals, walking, and the sun that this is the trip for them.  Anyways, I didn't think it would be, but everything was more than what I expected, and I hope to go back one day in the future.  

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