What does it mean to be a soccer player?

Soccer is a universal sport. It is played by both men and women all around the world. It is also the most popular sport in the world, and has over 3.5 billion fans. Soccer has been traced all the way back to ancient Rome, China, and Egypt, but it has drastically evolved since then into the game it is today.


What does it mean to be a high school soccer player?

In high school, many things are thrown at the students all at once, and the students must learn to juggle all of them. High school is one of the most important times in a person's life, which also makes it a very stressful time. Not only are academics a main focus in high school, but for a high school soccer player, soccer is pretty high on the to-do list. Along with being a normal teenager and having boat loads of homework each night, and functioning on six hours of sleep because school starts unreasonably early, there are long, tiring practices to attend right after seven grueling hours of school. Or on game day, a high school soccer player must set aside everything for about three hours and put their heart and soul into winning the game. Being a high school soccer player means many things to the athlete. They must represent their school every week, and in doing so maintain a high GPA, take AP classes in order to get into college, and have very good sportsmanship both on and off the field.

A high school soccer player must have confidence in themselves and in all their teammates. A high school soccer player, in order to succeed in the sport, must avoid peer pressure to do anything that will affect them or their performance in a negative way. It is very difficult to succeed in both sports and academics, but with the right mindset and strong, positive morals, it can no doubt be accomplished. A high school soccer player must be hardworking, confident, competitive, and very strong willed in order to succeed in both school and on the soccer field (Kowet 24).

What does it mean to be a women's professional soccer player compared to a men's professional soccer player?

Women's soccer is no doubt slower paced than men's soccer, but they are fundamentally  the same game. The women's game moves a lot smoother, and is played at amuch slower paced than men's soccer. Women soccer players make a considerably less amount of money compared to a male soccer player. While David Beckham makes millions in cleat endorsements and by just being on the team, women soccer players only make thousands. In the National Women's Soccer League, which is the American soccer league, salaries range from $6,000-$30,000 every year.  The average salary in Major League Soccer, or the men's league in the USA and Canada, is $148,693.26. The highest paid player in the MLS is Clint Dempsey. He makes $4,913,004 every year. The highest paid women's soccer player of 2015, Marta Vieira, makes $400,000 every year. The lowest paid player in the MLS makes $31,125, which is still more money than any almost all of the  women's soccer players in the NWSL. Men's soccer is no doubt more popular than women's soccer, and that may have something to do with the huge salary difference, but it is still unfair that women get paid so much less for doing the same job, and working just as hard as male soccer players. Even though men's soccer is played at a faster pace, women's soccer is just as competitive, and they deserve to make the same salaries as men's soccer players.


Soccer is a game that can be played by many people of all ages. From the high school level, to the professionals, all soccer players must have the same strong core values, and they must all be very hardworking in order to succeed. It is very popular all around the world, and is popular between both men and women. Even though there are subtle differences between the men and women's game, they are almost the exact same game, therefore both men and women should receive the same salaries.