Freedom Riders

"I hoped the reporters were out there. Plenty of them. With plenty of cameras."                                                                                                                       -James Farmer

Farmer means that he wanted everyone in the world to see what is happening in the south and what some men and women were doing to them. He wanted the people from the movement to see them standing up for what they believe in and he wanted to start a fire through the media.

James Farmer Founder of CORE and Participant in the Freedom Rides.

Freedom Riders in 1 word

Audacious: It means extremely breve and daring. By doing what they did against Southern government even with death hang above their heads. By defying them and not giving up it takes guts and daring to accomplish.

Why Did They Do It Even With All The Risks?

The riders like James Farmer, Paul Dietrich, Hank Thomas, and John Lewis participated to understand and prove how much the Southern government supported and would listen to the  Supreme Court's decision. As well as to prove their point against segregation.

Why Did The Freedom Rides Happen Instead Of Something Else?

The freedom riders believed that their way would be the most effective in getting what they wanted as well as it was cheaper that going individually. Bus is also how a lot of people traveled at that time. Choosing to demonstrate that way was largely public, would make a point and give it attention.

Why would they keep going even with the risks?

The riders kept going because they knew that they would make a difference in the movement and the people of America. James Farmer and the others wanted a better world in all, better than how it was at that time no matter what.

How Did It Impact The Civil Rights Movement?

The freedom rides impacted the civil rights movement by sparking them back into action and gaining supporters as well as reinvigorating the current participants. They showed the government that the Supreme Court needed to have more presence in the south and reinforcement.


Paul Dietrich, Hank Thomas, John Lewis, James Peck, James Farmer, and many others. The carriers that they rode on were Greyhound and Trailways. The Ku Klux Klan tried to keep them from riding.


They rode all over the south but they were specifically stopped in Jackson, Mississippi and Anniston, Alabama where many were taken into custody.


They started on May 4, 1961 and after a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court calling segregation in bus stations was unconstitutional. The case was recorded by Justice Stanley Reed.

Fact & Opinion

Fact: James Farmer participated in the Freedom Rides which I can tell because in Catherine Gourley's article it states that he participated and the quote could only be first hand.

Opinion: James Farmer wanting it to be publicized but not every one in a tough situation would want the world to be watching them bleeding on TV.



"They Risked Their Lives to Fight Injustice" by Cathrine Gourley

Dallas Morning News June 4, 1946, May 15, 1961, & May 25, 1961

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