Cell theory & Multicellular and unicellar

Cell theory

1 all living things are composed of cells. We are made up of cells ,our blood is made up of cells and every thing that is alive is made up of cells

2 cells are the basic unit of structure. They like stated above are in every living thing which means that they are in every thing organic that is moving

3 all cells are produced from other cells. They multiply they split up and divide in a event called mitosis. They keep on multiplying from each other

Multicellar cells

As the name states it is an organism that is made up of multiple cells. Humans are Multicellar, dogs are Multicellar any thing that is breathing and is visible to the naked eye is a Multicellar organism.


A Unicellar organism is not visible to the naked eye it is organisms like bacteria and  amoebas.theyare only visible through a microscope they also go through mitosis