What is the greatest challenge facing 8th graders today?

The main issue with 8th graders is social status. Every 8th grader wants to be known, wants people to like them and they will do almost anything to be  top dog.  

This is exactly what a school is, for 8th graders. Some may tell you that they don't care, but those people are either being truthful and really don't care, or they do care and just want to act cool. Like this frog.

Social status does not just change a student at school but also at home, Patti Ghezzi  says,"You’ve gotten used to the mood swings. You’ve accepted the fact that your child is taller than you, and you’ve (almost) convinced her that taller does not equal smarter. It took time, but you and your adolescent have learned to live under the same roof."(schoolfamily.com) This article was meant for parents to help the parent understand what is effecting there child. Patti Ghezzi also wrote,"Eighth-graders are still concerned with fitting in with their peers, yet finding that ideal group can be difficult. Kids develop at different paces." (schoolfamily.com) Fitting in may be hard but people will do almost anything to be a part of some thing.

-Students are effected by others choices.

-They act out at home and at school.

-Students want to be cool and popular so they will do many things to be just that.

There are issues with social status in schools not just at school but also at home. Social Status will make your best friend or your child act different from the other day just because they want to fit in.

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