How where zeppelins used during world war 1???

By: Hannah Gochis and Madelyn Martinez

Have you ever wanted to how zeppelins where used in war world 1?

How were Zeppelins used in the war… well In the 1900 the first Zeppelin took flight. The Zeppelin is filled with hydrogen, so there isn't much weight in it. Therefore, it could move 45 mph,and it stayed in the air for 17 hours. By than, German forces had several zeppelins. However, it was filled with flammable gas,so if a bullet went through it it would catch on fire.

Have you ever wanted to know what weapon killed the most people in World War One?

Poison gas killed over 80% of people, and that's why the gas mask was the most important. By then, barbed wire became a deadly weapon. In the 1914 pilots dropped bombs everywhere. For example, two bombs could kill over 120,000 people. Likewise, in the sea torpedoes could kill about 2,000 people.

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