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Becoming a pshychologist is something I really wish to do. I have always been interested in the brain and the way the brain works. I also want to learn how emotions are processed and how they travel throughout the brain.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental (emotional, learning, and thought) process of humans and animals.They use principles, facts, and theories about individuals and groups using experimental, observational, and case study methods. They help to ensure the well being of people to put it into simpler terms.    

What does it take to become a Psychologist?

Psychologists are doctoral trained which means you need a license and a doctoral degree(Ph. D.,Psy.D.,Ed.D,) to practice. The recommended prep for studying psychology is social psychology,personality, child psychology, and then there are TONS  of areas you can explore to branch from this major. You would also need to stay in grad school for about six to eight years.

Extra info about Psychology

Unfortunately, psychologists don't make as much money as some doctors do, but there is a chance that you could become a well known,well paid psychologist if you work hard enough. The average amount of pay for a psychologist between $30,000 and $76,000 per year. It all depends on what branch of psychology you pursue. Many psychologists work independently in their own practice wheeas others work in shools and with lawyers and stuff like that.

Texas A&M

This is my #1 school of choice as of now. It's a more conservative school and I like the fact that the people are pretty smart.


-47.9% female

-52.1% male

-94.5% independent vs fraternity

Student to faculty ratio 22:1

18.2% of classes have fewer than 20 students

They are ranked 69 in Best National Universities

5,200 acres of Aggieland

Costs-  $21,051(resident)   $37,671(non resident)


Maroon out- shirts are sold at lower costs to ensure that everyone wears maroon to crate this sea of Aggieland color.

Elephant walk-Elephant Walk marks the end of the usefulness of the Aggie seniors to the student body. Like dying elephants, which wander the jungle looking for a place to die after their value to the herd is over, thousands of seniors will join hands and wander aimlessly about campus visiting landmarks for the symbolic "last time."

11:11 Day-day to give back to Aggie Veterans and Aggies currently serving.

Texas Tech

Over 30,000 students enrolled

On Lubbock, Texas

There are 10 separate colleges within this big university

You can get 150 different undergrad degrees,100 masters degrees, and 50 doctoral degrees.

They are in the Big 12 Conference

Over 75.4% of TTU Students receive some type of financial aid including scholarships,

grants, work study, and loans.

TTU disburses over $300,000,000 in financial aid to students annually.

Costs- $24,058(resident)   $32,482(non resident)


Carol of lights-more than 25,000 colored lights will be illuminating 13 buildings in Memorial Circle

The Matador Song- "Fight, Matadors, for Tech! Songs of love we'll sing to thee, Bear our banners far and wide. Ever to be our pride, Fearless champions ever be. Stand on heights of victory. Strive for honor evermore. Long live the Matadors!"

"I really enjoyed my time in college. I definetly gre up a lot in terms of learning to manage my responsibilities and my time management." -Andria Chaney

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