Bipolar Mood Disorder

People with Bipolar Mood Disorder (also known as Manic Depression) experience extreme mood swings, and it could be either be mild or severe. People who have the disorder experience two episodes, which is manic and depression.

Symptoms of Bipolar Mood Disorder:

Mania= A person with the disorder their mood becomes elevated. The common symptoms are:

Lack of sleep                  Mood becomes "high", irritated, optimistic             

Very distracted              Rapid thinking and speech              Reckless

Depression=A person with the disorder experience depression thru stress. The common symptoms are:

Lack of energy                Loss of weight and appetite             Feeling sad

Sleep Problems              

What are the causes?

Bipolar Mood disorder affects one to two people in every hundred in the Canadian Population, it often begins from teens to early 20's. There is no direct cause to the disorder, but factors like genetics, stress, seasonal changes etc.


It is a long-term treatment. Although, medication is not the only answer to treating Bipolar Mood Disorder. There are other factors like:

Eating healthy           Exercising            Therapy              A supportive circle

Need Help?

If you know someone who has a Bipolar Mood Disorder, it is important to get the help they need. In Toronto there are supporting group services.

The Toronto Bipolar Disorder Meetup Group

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