This picture is me and my girlfriend for when we were going to one of the football games.  i love playing football and bmx and also like to play video games in my free time.  Plus i like music a lot too.

3 Interesting things


One interesting thing is that i love playing football i have been playing football for over 4 years its my most favorite sport at of all of them.


another one of my interesting things about me is i always am riding around during the summer on my bmx bike on of my favorite things about summer and spring

I work at Subway

My last interesting fact is that im starting to Subway and i have to go thought about 24 hours of training to learn how to make the foods there and orders.


One of my goals is to get done with school with a GPA of a 3.0 or higher.

another one of my goals would to go to college to get into the medical field of some sort.

another one of my goals is to get a job and pay for my car so i can have a car to get around.

The place i want to visit is Mexico

The reason why i want to go to mexico is it seems like a very nice to go out and see knew things and different countries.  It looks like it have a very nice ocean also it would be a fun trip to have with family and friends.  Plus you you can swim with sting rays and sharks.

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