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The Eagle Ford Shale: a prime target for natural gas.

Operating in this area for almost 30 years, Lewis is the leading producer of natural gas in South Texas. At present, LEG has major operations in the Edwards, Olmos and Eagle Ford formations, as well as international operations in Colombia and Mexico. Historically, Lewis Energy has been a natural gas producer. Today, however, we are also exploring and drilling for oil.

The Eagle Ford Shale: a prime target for natural gas.

The Eagle Ford Shale is the most competitive play in the country. Made accessible only recently by the introduction of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing, Eagle Ford trends across Texas from the Mexico border all the way into East Texas. This brittle and ‘fracable’ shale—found at a depth of 11,000 to 12,000 feet—is best developed with multi-stage fracturing for natural gas production.

Lewis Energy: The Eagle Ford Shale pioneer.

Lewis Energy Group recognized the potential of Eagle Ford Shale long before it became fashionable. Indeed, it was that potential that led us to the forefront of the technology that made it accessible. In 2002, Lewis drilled the very first well in the Eagle Ford formation. Today, our drilling and completion equipment is second to none in the industry.

Today, Lewis still leads the pack.

At Lewis, we have a rich history of going after hard-to-extract hydrocarbons. We’ve been drilling and completing Eagle Ford Shale wells since our first in 2002. Now, we are the most dominant drilling company on the Eagle Ford play—including most rigs, most acreage and most drilling.

Proud to be partnering with BP

Of all the companies exploring this play, Lewis Energy has one of the largest positions within the Eagle Ford formation. In addition to our own development operations, we are also proud to be partnering in a joint venture with BP. With the development of new drilling and completion technology, Lewis Energy is in an enviable position for dynamic growth in the future.

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