Emily Dickinson

She was born on December 10, 1830.

Emily attended Mount Holyoke College. She was also an artist. She wrote “Hope” is the thing with feathers and "Why do I love" you sir. The reason for me choosing these poems is because I felt that the first sentences were engaging by using shock factor.

The rhythm of Hope is the thing with feathers, is loosemeter, Iambic trimeter, and tetrameter. Why do i love you sirs rhythm is iambic trimeter, monometer, and tetrameter.

The theme for "Why do i love" you, Sir? is Certain events and this can be said for I heard a Fly Buzz when i died. Hope is the thing with feathers has the theme of hope and Song of myself is using the setup to get irretrievable by using a realistic part.

"Why do i love you sir" is about romanticism because it is emotional.

I feel it is more realist by using logic such as saying a storm was abash a bird.

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