Anti Slip Paint for Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Not only for glazed ceramic tiles, but also for other inorganic substrates such as marble and polished aluminium etc.
The use of Clear Primer Treatment ensures excellent adhesion of ProtectaKote and SafeKote to non reactive inorganic surfaces without changing their appearance. This allows application of protective coatings or non-slip coatings to those surfaces.

  • Clear Primer Treatment is non-toxic
  • Clear Primer Treatment is easy to use
  • Clear Primer Treatment does NOT etch the surface
  • Clear Primer Treatment does not damage the surface
  • Clear Primer Treatment does not alter the appearance

All the product does, is attach a single molecular layer which then allows the ProtectaKote or SafeKote to securely bond.
So, if you change your mind after applying this, just leave it and walk away.
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