How an Espar Airtronic Air Heater Works

While not every truck driver on the road will find a need for an auxiliary heater those who travel through colder climates often find these devices critical for maintaining comfort and performance across the miles. Diesel heaters,such as EsparAirtronicdevices, can deliver results as they save drivers money in the process.

How Diesel Heaters Work

This type of heater is an excellent add-on for commercial drivers because of the performance and efficiency delivered. These heaters operate independently from a vehicle’s heating system and the engine itself. They are designed to draw in cool air from the outdoors and then heating it up before it’s delivered to the truck’s interior. They are generally installed in the cab itself or the luggage compartment and use digital controls to deliver comfort.

An EsparAirtronic is fully self-contained. That means operation doesn’t require a drain on the engine or its small working parts. In addition, it also relies on its own fuel source, which means operation overnight doesn’t result in an empty tank in the morning.

Why These Heaters Are Smart Installations

Not all add-ons for commercial vehicles are worth the money paid to have them installed. This isn’t the case with independently operating diesel heaters. These devices can:

  • Save on fuel costs – Operating a regular truck heater to keep a sleeping compartment warm overnight can be very costly in regard to fuel usage. Add-on heaters use their own fuel source and are highly efficient to run. That means tanks don’t drain down in the overnight hours. It also means overall costs are kept down, as well.
  • Save on maintenance costs – Keeping trucks running 24/7 is a costly undertaking. That’s because running the engine all the time puts major wear and tear on small moving parts. When an EsparAirtronicis used instead, this wear and tear issue goes away entirely.
  • More reliable performance – If a truck is parked overnight, getting the engine fired up in the morning can be a real trick when the temperatures drop. An auxiliary heater that’s also designed to provide engine compartment warming can prevent false starts on even the coldest of days.

By operating independently of the truck itself, diesel heatersdeliver efficiency, performance and comfort. These add-ons are essential when runs demand traveling through colder climates and outdoor temperatures fall low enough to make maintaining comfort and engine reliability difficult.

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