On the holidays I played football at our homeground (Dalyston), we played against Leongatha and won by a goal.The ground was really muddy and when Will went for the ball he slipped over and did a belly whacker. The first goal was kicked by Will, the second was kicked by Fynn and the third by Trevor.

I went to the movies on Thursday and watched the new Superman movie (Man Of Steel), it wasn't a really good movie but because I went with my Grandma and it was late, my Grandma couldn't be bothered cooking so we got to have McDonalds. I had a chicken and cheese burger with fries and a coke.

Will came over on Sunday and we were wrestling on the trampoline, it was me versus Will, Kalani (sister) and Cooper (brother).

I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Bruthen for three days and when we were there we went to a huge yellow slide in Bairnsdale.

On Saturday I went to the seniors game of football to get an idea of how to play when I get older.

For the rest of the holidays I just sat on the couch and watched movies.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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