Industrial revalution, Sara DeGarmo, hour 4

The Industrial Revolution was very hazardous. People would get sick very easily and quickly. Thousands of people lost their lives due to illnesses, such as mill fevor caused by dust in the factories and pollution, and couldn't get better. Next many people were treated cruely. Some would have very little food given to them for meals. Also people didn't have the safest clothing. Woman would wear long flowy dresses or aprons that were easily caught in the machines. Also no one had shoes. Lastly the machines and equiptment was not safe. Small children would have to climb under machines to collect loose cotton. Slightly older kids would have to climb on top of a machine to tie loose threads back together. Woman would have to reach over machines. Safty was not a concern to mill owners. Machines were some of the lastest technology so they just wanted it running and people working. There were no emergency stops so when someone would get part of their body stuck they wouldn't be able to stop the machines. Many people would loose their arms, hands and legs. These are some of the reasons the Industrial Revolution was hazardous.

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