My Journey


In 5th grade, I was awarded the President's Education Award, along with four other students in my grade.

Last year in 8th grade, I kept a 4.0 GPA all year and was awarded this "gold" medal.

In 6th and part of 7th grade, I played the oboe, until I switched instruments.


I am in the Band of Warriors, and I am the only person who currently plays the bassoon.

Last year, as a part of the advanced group, I took Algebra 1 as an 8th grader, and currently I am taking Geometry, a sophomore class.

In addition to Geometry, I am taking Biology 1, a sophomore class as well.

I like to read as well as collect manga, which are Japanese comics.


I am definitely going to college, although I am not sure where I will go or what I will major in.

Advice for class of 2019?

-Definitely turn in all of your work. You might not seem to think it's that important, just one assignment, but by the end of the semester, 10 points can be the difference between an A- and an A.

-Challenge yourself by taking difficult classes. Don't take things that are way out of your level, but don't take easy classes and a study hall or school will get boring.

-Be active! Join clubs (there are plenty of them), whether they meet during advisory or after school. Participating in clubs can make high school seem a lot less boring if you're more active.

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