It's hard to beat a person
who never gives up.

By Babe Ruth

Victory in Basketball

I believe in the feeling winning in sports,

the way it makes me feel after victory ,

the way it makes me play harder,

the way it makes me dribble in control ,

the way it makes me shoot so smooth its just

Amazing ,Fun and Awesome,

But (loosing is not an option ) in basketball.

I believe in talent,

I believe in hard work every game ,

I believe in trying till the last minute its just,

Amazing,Fun and Awesome ,

And I also believe that its hard to beat a person

who never gives up. (longest)

Words I Live By

My favorite credo that I live everyday by is from Babe Ruth.(It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up). By that it means that you must not stop trying because your opponent may not give up so you must keep trying.

I feel that this is very important because it makes me try harder to do better and never give up because even though it may be hard your just keep trying hard.

No I will not change my credo, I will always live by the same credo each day just trying harder and harder to be the best. The reason i like this credo so much is because it matches what I like most. This credo motivates me to try hard to live by his quote.

Yes i will recommend this credo to others like the youth because it could inspire them to never give up and to keep trying. The reason i would is because once they start to like the quote and go by it they will recommend it to others.

I really like the quote a lot and I believe that if your felling down you could just read it and start going by it. Never give up and just keep trying no matter what it is.w

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