"Where all your dreams come true"


Our community is strictly controlled by our government, which is organized as a small group of people elected every 4 years. The committee will try please everyone by their choices, but those who threaten the perfection shall be terminated. If you would like to contribute to the election, you must be at least 18 years of age, and a recognized citizen of the community.


All residents of "Peak" must be introduced into the education system. Starting at the age of 6, all children start their education process which covers all major subjects such as Math, Science, English, and Fine Arts. History is NOT included in the curriculum.


In our community, there will be no discrimination because of religion. All citizens are entitled to their choice, and all citizens my preach what they want without interference.


All citizens residing in "Peak" are required by law to be involved in at least on of our Sports/Healthcare Programs, which include

-Track and Field






Along with these activities, all family homes include a fitness center to allow exercise

Family Life

All families that enroll citizenship are given a single floor home with enough space for two parents and two children. NO more. If you would like a larger home for entertainment purposes, you may apply for an upgrade.

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