Greyson, Rafay, and Anna

Aztec Empire

Physical Geography

The Aztec empire was located in Lake Texco. There it was very cold and rainy. Some major physical features there was the Sierra Madre Occidental and Oriental.


Five Social Class. Famous rulers/emperors were Montezuma, Acampichtli, and Tizoc


In 1519 they were taken  over by the Spanish explorer who in 1520 raged war on a rival Spanish force. Eventually kicked them out but the Spanish made an alliance with other villages and destroyed the Aztec empire.   Enemies included smaller  tribes/villages and the Spanish. The outcome of one of their most major battles ended in the destruction of their empire.


Natural resources include gold, silver, jade, vanilla, ect. Trading partners included small tribes inside the empire like the Aclman and Texcoco . They traded items like cloth, dogs for meat, food, utensils, warior costumes, slaves ect.

Vegetable faute
Sierra Madre Oriental

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