By: Jamie and Maya

Hello we're going to tell you all about the Plymouth colony. Poor farmers created this colony on September 16th, 1620. The Pilgrims chose the Netherlands to escape persecution in England. Then they sailed all the way to Amsterdam to reach their religious freedom and beliefs. When they got there it was great for religious reasons but the dutch were having a VERY BAD influence on their children. They decided that Amsterdam wasn't the right place for them for that reason. Now is where the Mayflower comes in. They got on the ship and sailed all the way to America. It took them 66 days. They ended up getting to Cape Cod. They chose this land because they wanted to have more land to themselves.  They ran into a lot of problems while settling into the colony. One problem they had was half of their crew died from hunger and disease :( . Another problem they had was everybody wanted different things. So they solved the problem by voting a new person to run the colony.   

Plymouth houses

Plymouth house

Plymouth houses are very small and simple. There roofs were straw and there houses were made out of wood. They had a lot of outdoor property because they were farmers. Most of them had gardens outside. We hope you learned a lot about the Plymouth colony and that you enjoyed this presentation.