Pastor William Nkea's Passion for Languages

Pastor William Nkea is a well-rounded man. He has many interests and passions and is well traveled. Having been to 21 different countries that span four continents it is important for Pastor William to have an aptitude for languages. He hails from a bilingual country where English and French are the national languages, giving him the opportunity to become bilingual at an early age. English was the language that was spoken in his home, but he studied French in school, giving him the ability to speak both languages fluently.

Learning to speak a second language planted a passion for languages in Pastor William Nkea and he went on to study German, giving him three languages in which he was fluent. Having a love for languages helped Pastor William when it came to Theological school. Many schools require a language course of study in order to graduate. This requirement was an easy task for Pastor William to complete.

Through his travels abroad, Pastor William was also able to pick up four African languages during his travels to Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Niger Republic and many others. His passion for languages has made his love of traveling a bit easier as he is able to pick up enough of the national language of the country he is traveling in, to get around without many issues. Given the chance and enough time, Pastor William will more than likely pick up, and become fluent in a number of other languages in his lifetime.

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