Survival of the fittest.


       Well I don't know to much about horoscopes just what I hear but I've changed a lot, in fact I constantly change, and i've lived in many places, I'm lay back, but a control freak at the same time, everything has to go right. I'm very competitive and a bit hard on myself at times. A little to confident, but I keep it myself. I don't like being told what to do, only becuase I feel like I should be doing everything correctly on my own, I just dont like making to many errors. I enjoy sports, and do a bit of everything, surfing, snow boarding, etc. I've lived through hard times because of choices I made when I was a bit younger, I made some wrong choices, but I grew up and changed for the better; because of what of done, seen,  and been through I can usually put myself in other peoples shoes through certain situations and it sometimes it's hard for me to have empathy. So over all, I'm down to earth, a simple guy, family oriented, in a relationship. I'm very serious about respect, nice, understanding, easy to talk to, and always listening. I may have a tough outer layer and mentality but can't help but having to admit, i'm a big softy on the inside, so you'd never know what i'm thinking since I usually appear to be serious. Just get comfortable, it's cool... haha.

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