Thursday, March 20th, 2014.

Ms. Ross' Class

WARM-UP: Please read the following poem below.  This poem was pulled from the English EOG test from last year.  Please read the poem twice.  

“Whitetails” by Eugene J. Fisher

The deer appeared in the lower paddock.

Fourteen in all, a herd, white tails held high

against the melting snow.

Even the crows are silent,

5) for a moment.

My daughter and I inch forward,


But still they start

And bound smartly over our fence

10 and our neighbors’,

effortlessly flying through the air,

one after the other.

The smallest seemed lost for a moment, unsure of herself,

wandering back and forth along the fence

15  as her world leapt away.

She disappeared behind a tree

and flew to join the others.

Our horses whinnied

and returned to their hay.

Please answer the following questions in your notebook.  

1. What is the setting of this poem?

A) a city block

B ) a small farm

C) a tropical forest

D)  an apartment block

2. What is most important in this poem?

A)  movement

B) color

C) character

D) rhyme

3. Which is a characteristic of the speaker’s response to the deer?

  A) aggressiveness

B) impatience

C) sensitivity

D) stubbornness

4. In line 15, to what does “her world” most likely refer?

A) the forest

B) the paddock

C) the fence

D) the other deer

5. Which phrase best describes the resolution in the last two lines?

A) a tearless regret

B) an end to an unusual dream

C) a return to a normal routine

D) an unsolved mystery

6. Which experience is most similar to the experience in the selection?

A) A flock of swans briefly visits a farm pond.

B) A dog is injured in a fight with a goose.

C) A boy goes hunting alone in the forest.

D) A large snowstorm paralyzes a small town.

7. Which statement best describes the speaker in the poem?

A) He is chasing away deer.

B) He is inspired at the sight of the deer.

C) He does not enjoy cold weather.

D) He prefers not to get too close to wildlife.

8. Which is the best summary of this poem?

A) A visitation from deer makes a quiet winter day memorable.

B) Horses and deer show that they are related.

C) Humans feel that they must tolerate destruction done by wild animals.

D) Deer earn the admiration of humans for their beauty and resourcefulness.

9. What is described by the poem’s title?

A) its message

B) its mood

C) its subject

D) its viewpoint

10. Which was true when the speaker first saw the deer?

A) There was very little sound.

B) Some horses had escaped their pen.

C) The weather was cold and violent.

D) The deer showed no fear of humans.

Once you are done answering the questions, then we will review and you will begin taking the re-test of unit 4 poetry class scape common assessment.

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