In WWII the Nazis were killing people by gassing them but they were not just using that method at the work camps.

During the war the Nazis Third Reich developed a way to gas people on the move with a vehicle called a Gaswagen.

This vehicle was a truck with a big box for "cargo" on the back. But the box was air tight and had the exhaust from the car fed into it making it a death chamber for anyone who stepped in it.

The Jewish people were getting in a truck thinking they would be hauled off to a work camp when actually they were being executed right there without ever knowing it.

I picked this picture because it shows a German Gaswagen and how discrete and non noticeable they were because they look like regular trucks.

I picked this image because it shows an old gaswagen thats broken and it gives a description of the insides of the gaswagen.

I picked this video because it shows a cartoon of how the Nazis would load the people in the trucks and then how the trucks worked in killing them.

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