mLearning in the K-12 Environment


5 Mobile apps for a High School Classroom

Woices: This is an app that allows students to act as tour guides in their home communities. The app allows them to create audio guides and then share the final product. This app runs on iPhones, Android and Blackberry.

This app could be used to teach local history to your students. They can use this app as part of a research project that explores the history of their Community. In Edmonton, I would focus on the history downtown and during the first and second World Wars. The students could then present their audio guides to the class and share what they have learned.

Audioboo: This app allows students to record, upload and share their voices in short clips and then present them to the class. Audioboo is available on Google, Windows, iOs and Blackberry devices.

This app would be great in a Social Studies classroom when you are discussing current events. Students could be asked to take a news story and report it in their own words. I would also ask them to interview their classmates in the audio clip for their own opinions and reactions. They would be graded on their knowledge of the story as well as their ability to link it to the curriculum.

Videolicious: This app allows you to create personalized videos using your own pictures, video clips and voice clips. You can also choose your won background music and then share your finished video.

This app I would use at the beginning of the year to get to know my students. You could have them put together a "getting to know you" video and create one yourself and share them. I would adapt the video to the subject I was teaching and also have my students answer specific questions. For example, in a social studies classroom I would have the students, discuss what globalization or nationalism means to them.

Fotobabble: This app allows student to add an audio clip to their favorite photos.

this app would be useful in an English or Social Studies class. Students could take a historical photo or something that relates to the literature that they are studying in class and describe it's significance.

Create a Comic Android App: Allows students to create comics and memes on a subject of the teacher's choice.

This app could be an interesting way to create a visual dynamic to traditional written work. Instead of assigning a written reflection it may be neat to give students the option of creating a cartoon to summarize a topic, or create a political or satirical cartoon for a unit in Social Studies.

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