Tenaiya King
Favorite class: Science

Science is all based on facts, and the projects are fun!

Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo

I eat this almost every time that I go to a restaurant.

The Last Book I Read: The Bible

I couldn't think of my favorite book, but I read this on Sunday lol.

Favorite movie: Menace To Society

This movie brings up my feelings every time! I never get tired of it.

Favorite Music Artist: 2Pac

He was a good person, and a good rapper. He sold over 75 million albums.

Hobbies: Cheerleading, Dancing, Writing Poems

I love cheerleading, I cheer almost everywhere that I go.

Extras: I want to be a lawyer, or a physical therapist when I get older. I would also like to go to Harvard for college.

I've wanted to be a lawyer for the longest. It's like solving a puzzle and a mystery. Being a physical therapist would be nice for me because I get to help people feel better and get back in shape.

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