Family Gripes


Family meeting

When I was a child, I used to go to play with my cousins. In those days, my family lived near, often in the neighborhood of my mother in Madrid. We woke up at 05:00am so we could see the sunrise and the first rays that were on our roof. To my grandmother that he also liked playing with us and their grandchildren, he said that he liked to play with us why is also remembered for his adolescence.I think she was lonely and bored by that was always close to us, that we sometimes bothered me a bit or that we could not run through the fields without having to be with full vigilance for that is not injure with a bad fall. Well here a photo of a family meeting with the cousins 2 years ago in Lima, where we met as when we were teenagers and clear that we didn't antics and my grandmother no longer accompanying us. I remember this clearly and it seems like it was yesterday.

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