PA fishing day 3!

Though conditions seemed quite good on day 2 no fish were to be found. Very discouraging and I was asked to turn in my man card and my fishing license. I talked them out of it and now at least I have my fishing license....and I wasn't really using my man, adios to that one!

Day 3 I went out to Fishing Creek! The water was great and I found a section of the stream with a riffle run followed by long deep pools and large submerged rocks making great places for fish to hang out. Fishing nymphs i picked up 2 fish small brown trout pretty quickly. As the action wound down I hiked down stream to see what I might find. Long slow shallow runs without much happening. I hiked on finding another fast run with a nice tail out. The stream was very narrow and there were trees all around making casting difficult. A few casts into the tail out....nothing. I changed flies a few more casts - bingo! A strong tug from deep in the fast water! I held tension and tried to pull brute back towards me. Then he made a hard run and the line snapped! Crap! Might have been a pretty nice fish, but I never did see it. I fished this section a little while longer then decided to move back up stream to where I had started the day. Fishing nymphs hooked a couple more fish and the decided it was time to fish dry flies. Dropping back beyond the tailout to the flat water I watched fish rise to determine what they were eating. Floating down the river were lots of green drakes, light cahills, duns and other species. None in large numbers, but enough top food to bring a few fish up to dine.

I tied on a sulphur and cast towards a circle. As my fly drifted past the location of the circle I saw a brown trout float up for a look - but he was skeptical!, I cast again and upon a close review of the fly once again it was refused! By the third cast the fish was pretty well acquainted with the fly and decided to give it a try. I set the hook and landed the 14" brown! Exciting!. I fished dry flies for a few hours longer catching one other fish and then called it a day. In total six fish landed for the day.

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