Biology Keystone Exam

Yeah, you read that right! We are fast approaching the big day where everyone in this class will have to take the Biology Keystone Exam. You all have been doing a great job in this class and now you will do a great job passing the exam.

There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind as we get close to the exam:

  • Everyone who is taking a biology course will have to take the keystone exam.
  • If you do NOT take the keystone exam, you will have to complete a keystone project, which is still be developed. From what I understand it is a LOT longer to complete the project than to take the test.
  • The keystone exams are a graduation requirement by the state of Pennsylvania and by PALCS.
  • This year, the Biology Keystone Exam will be given on May 20th.
  • There are two parts to the exam: Module A and Module B. You will have to complete both modules.
  • We have a very nice testing staff at PALCS and they will send out letters, and call your house to let you know WHERE you will be taking the keystone exam(s). Please make sure you make note of it and then also make sure you show UP!

Please CONTACT ME -- Ms. King if you have any questions about the exam!