“Facebook disabled my account” Solutions and tips for recovery of account

Not only to get in regular touch with your Friends and Family or chatting, Facebook plays a vital role in our life according to their requirements. Facebook ensures its users to connect more freely and independently but still if Facebook issues troubling you, Contact Facebook Customer Support Toll free Phone Number USA & Canada tech experts 24*7-365 days at +1-855-777-5686 .Everyone has their own kind of attachments with their Facebook account, now suppose the time you were trying to access your account, there is a message saying: Facebook disabled my account. I can understand how it feels after seeing this message and by writing this post, some of your doubts will be cleared regarding the same.

What does this message mean?

May some of you tried to login with another browser, filling the login details again, try to recover your account or disabled your connection for a while but still got the same message. So, by explaining this message which may be explained as a condition when you are not allowed to access your account and there would be any one of the reason mentioned below:

  • Using a fake name for account creation
  • Try to impersonating someone
  • Posting a content that does not follows Facebook terms
  • Continued behavior that is not allowed on Facebook and you are violating its Community standards
  • Creating issues for other users for the purpose of harassment, promotion, advertising or conducts troubles in any other manner

There would be scenarios when you didn’t even get message about the same and simply your Facebook account will be disabled. Facebook did not restored accounts that have been disabled for violations regarding Facebook Community Standards. The community standards for which violation may leads to disabling of your account are:

  • User’s safety: Facebook ensure its users safety to the most possible extent by removing content that is inappropriate to be in a public community or activities that may lead to physical or direct harm to any of its user.
  • Respectful behavior: It is good to post something that creates awareness about a difficult topic. To balance the needs of Facebook users, Facebook have some criteria’s to limit the audience or remove certain contents that would create issue in future.
  • A personal account with secured information: Facebook actually worked harder to keep your Facebook account and your personal information safe. The time you joined Facebook, you agreed that you are using your authentic name and identity.
  • Protects your creative ideas: Facebook is one of the largest platforms anyone can share important things related to them or their friends. All the information or content you are posting is associated to you directly. You can control the information shared by you regarding your post through privacy and application settings separately. Make sure that the content posted by you is totally authorized by you.

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I got couple disable account, I just create new one